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Ron Chapman-Shipwright, Inc. offers a variety of paddles designed for strength, durability, and effectiveness. These paddles come in 2-kinds of wood, 2-lengths, and 2-styles...2-2-2! All paddles are made from one piece of wood...NOT laminated!

Take your choice. Choose the type of wood, style, and length that best suits your individual needs. Shipped as unfinished wood so that you may stain and finish it to your liking.

White Ash- A heavy hard wood that is strong, stiff and has good shock resistance. Ash takes abuse.
Cypress- A traditional Louisiana wetlands wood that is tough, pliable, strong, and resistant to decay. Though not as strong as Ash, Cypress resists rot better than Ash.

Four (4) foot & Five (5) foot...handle to tip

Canoe Paddle- Traditional Design with softly rounded shoulders opening to a wide blade and a rounded blade tip. This is what most canoeists use.
(Blade Length 20" ...Max. Blade Width 6")

Pirogue Paddle- Distinctly different design evolved years ago in the swamps and marshes of Louisiana.. Very soft shoulders and a narrow parallel-sided blade with a squared tip.
(Blade Length 28" ...Max. Blade Width 5 1/4")

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Shipping $5.00 Packing
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