The 20-Step  Process

Mold Wax

1. Molds waxed & 
ready to gelcoat
Gelcoating the mold

2. Gelcoating the molds

Molds gelcoating

3. Molds gelcoated 
and drying

The first layer

4. Applying the first layer of fiberglass

Wetting out matte

5. Wetting out matte
with resin

Placing woven roven

6. Placing woven
roven over matte

Placing Speretex

7. Placing Spheretex�  synthetic reinforcement in boat

Wetting outsperetex with resin

8. Wetting Out Spheretex� with resin

Placing fiberglass

9. Placing fiberglass matte over Spheretex�  reinforcement

Sandwiching Speretex

10. Spheretex� sandwiched between layers of glass

Groover rolling

11. Groover rolling finished laminate to remove air and press laminate together

Placing handles, etc in boat

12. Placing handles, tow holes, and closed cell foam seats in boat before fiber glassing them in Place

Placing fiberglass

13. Placing fiberglass over seats and fiber glassing handles

Glasswork on hull

14. Glasswork on hull finished and drying before wet trimming

Plastic wedges

15. Driving plastic wedges around hull's gunwale to break it free from mold.

Removing finished hull

16. Removing finished hull from mold. It is now ready for interior painting

The Pirogue is Painted

17. The pirogue is then splatter-painted 

Finishing rails

18. Filling rails 
with adhesive composed of resin and milled fibers (goop)

Attaching cypress gunrail

19. Attaching Cypress gunwales to pirogue

The Finished Product

20. Finished Boats

Shipping Time!

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