Many of our customers have asked us "What are spudholes?"
Spudholes are one and one half inch PVC pipe glassed into our pirogue that allows the paddlers to
anchor the boat by placing the push pole through the hole, this adds stability to the boat.
"This is our newest product from Ron Chapman, Shipwright" says Steve Geraci. "In this newest model,  we
have changed the location for our 'spud' holes."

The earlier hole were located at the ends of the pirogue, the new locations are behind the paddlers seat on the
right side and behind the passengers seat on the left side.
This gives the boat a wider purchase to stabilize itself.
Additionally, they are very easy for the Piroguer (new word),  to access.

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However, we still offer, if you would rather, "spuds on the ends." (photo)
( Costs for end spuds are $35 per side or $70 for both ends. Can be added to any model).


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