Louisiana Pirogue Information and Examples

Ron Chapman has produced the finest pirogue in Louisiana for the past 20 years. Each boat is fabricated with hand-laid, primary-bonded fiberglass mattes and woven rovens. Craftsmen finish each hull with a synthetically reinforced bottom, foam seat flotation, and Cypress gunwales.

These elements combine to provide an inexpensive & durable craft that allows access to places typically beyond reach as described in national magazines. They come in four sizes: Copperhead, Cottonmouth, King, and Mud Bug. Order yours today!

Read this amazing article on Louisiana Pirogues, written by Shannon Tompkins of

Field & Stream Magazine.

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Copperhead Pirogue
Cottonmouth Pirogue
The King!
King Pirogue
Canoe with Spud holes 
Pirogue with "Spud Holes" in front/rear

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