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Louisiana Pirogues have graced southeastern bayous and swamps for hundreds of years. Local Indians used dugouts for centuries. When French and Spanish colonists arrived, they too adopted this efficient mode of travel.

With time and circumstance, designs and materials have changed. but the need for the efficiency of a Louisiana Pirogue has not declined.

Ron Chapman has been handcrafting these boats for 20 years. His designs are based upon the long traditions of Islenos, local hunters, and trappers. The pirogues are made of hand-laid fiberglass mattes and woven rovens. [Each craft has a synthetic core reinforced bottom for strength.] Foam flotation is added in the seats for safety. As a final touch for stiffness, quite paddling, and authenticity, the boats are finished with cypress gunwales.

Louisiana Pirogues come in four sizes: The "Copperhead" [one-man], "Cottonmouth" [two-man], "King" [guide boat], and the "Mudbug" [flat-back]. Each pirogue is built to exacting specifications and will provide years of enjoyment. Order now!

Superior 20-Step Building Process

Louisiana Sportsman Magazine Article: Making of a Pirogue

We now offer a variety of paddles designed for strength, durability, and effectiveness. These paddles come in 2-kinds of wood, 2-lengths, and 2-styles...
2-2-2! All paddles are made from one piece of wood...NOT laminated!

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