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P.O. Box 27     Chalmette, LA 70044

Ph: (504) 277-6526   E-mail: steve@pirogue.com

Our Company Manufactures:  Welcome to Ron Chapman, Shipwright, Inc.

A Note to Our Customers and Friends

As you may be aware, Hurricane Katrina destroyed 100% of St. Bernard Parish, the home community of my company.  The business suffered severe damage as over 13 feet of water and marsh mud poured though the factory.  We lost everything! 

However, we urge your patience.  After eight months the parish is slowly coming back and we hope to have electricity in the shop by week�s end.  It is then a matter of buying equipment and supplies then starting production.  Thankfully, all of our molds were spared. 

We appreciate your prayers and patience until we can put Humpty Dumpty together again.  We value our customers and will be back to serve you in the very near future.  Hopefully, by the end of April. 

Please contact Steve at 504-578-1190 my business partner for answers to your questions. Thank you for your kindness and your thoughts, 

Ron Chapman & Steve Geraci
Ron Chapman-Shipwright, Inc.

Photos of Ron Chapman Shipwright, Inc. post-Hurricane Katrina. Click for larger images!