Evangeline Hand-Crafted


              Canoe Side
Each Evangeline Canoe is         hand-crafted from the finest           materials. Our craftsman take           time to "do the job right."

After the mold's slick surface is
properly prepared, an initial coating
of gelcoat is carefully applied. This provides color and durability to the     substrate. After the gelcoat cures,         altering layers of 1 oz. matte and
18 oz. woven rovens are laid into the mold. Before the final layer of matte
is applied, a skeletal framework of Coremat® is placed into the boat to provide an internal support frame
for the laminate. The final fiber-
glass application is the addition of flotation tanks in both the fore and
aft sections of the canoe. The very
last element is the final gelcoat and splatter coat on the interior surface.

Following each hulls construction, aluminum rails are riveted along
the sheer line. Then fiberglass end
caps are fabricated and the white oak thwarts, handles, and seats are bolted
in place with stainless steel fasteners..

Each Evangeline Canoe is a care-
fully constructed product with
strength, durability, and attractiveness foremost in mind. We are proud of Evangeline and trust you will enjoy many years of service from this well constructed, fine canoe.

Evangeline has been designed for the flat waters of Louisiana.

She is not designed for those who lack appreciation for performance --nor was she made for those who merely seek a plastic vessel that floats. Evangeline is much more than that!

With an asymetrical hull (narrow in bow & wide in stern), soft chines and clean entry ... Evangeline responds quickly to a paddler's whims. Just roll her on her side and with a few gentle strokes she eases through a turn. She is designed specifically for the waters and terrain that domin- ate the Southeast region.

Evangeline is a strong, beautiful, fast, light and maneuverable canoe designed for those who place a premium on performance.