Our Louisiana Pirogues have
     gained an excellent reputation
     over the past 22 years among
     waterfowlers, fisherman, and
     pleasure boaters. They can be
     found in practically every state
     of the union, including Alaska.

     I wish to introduce you to our
     newest product ... the
     Evangeline Canoe. We
     began building a canoe some
     fifteen years ago, Evangeline
     grew out of discussions with
     local canoe guides who use
     Louisiana flat waters. It was
     determined that no one had
     built a canoe specifically for
     local waters. We were deter-
     mined to rectify that situation.

     Evangeline would be built to
     satisfy local conditions ... not
     some distant river. She was
     designed to be quick, respons-
     ive, and easy to turn...all
     requirements for flat water

     Evangeline is beautiful and
     responsive. Yet, she is inex-
     pensive for her quality of
     workmanship and ease of



Evangeline Side Shot

Ordering Evangeline

Evangeline Front Shot

      The gunwhales are now made
      of anodized aluminium. The
      handles, thwarts and seats are
      still fabricated from white oak
      and cane.

     Evangeline, a canoe designed
     for Louisiana waters, is back . . .
     by popular demand!

"Numerous dealers and customers have contacted us over the years requesting that we again begin production. This, we have finally done."--Ron Chapman